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Agricultural Consultants
Agricultural Consultants spotlight exhibition
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Agricultural startups services
Agricultural Consultants
Agronomic and agro-technical consulting
Agronomic and agro-technical consulting
Agricultural Consultants
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Concept and Business planning
Service | From Israel 
Concept and Business planning - Consulting on strategy and analyses such as conceptual design, detailed design, growth rate, economic analysis of projects, pipeline development.  
Planning and implementation of R&D
Planning and implementation of R&D - Establishment and management of practical and applicable R&D propositions.  
Agro-technology development
Service | From Israel 
Agro-technology development - Adoption and assimilation of advanced agro-technologies. bility study performance to establish agricultural enterprises and plant based feedstock sources.
Survey and feasibility study
Service | From Israel 
 Surveys and studies - Survey and feasibility study performance to establish agricultural enterprises and plant based feedstock sources.
Agronomic planning and design
Service | From Israel 
Agronomic planning and design - Design, planning and development of large scale agricultural production projects.  
Rural development
Service | From Israel 
Rural development - Design, develop and manage modern farmer settlements and regional infrastructure and services.  
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